Ambersands Avi

Avi is our stunning Silver Rosetted Queen.  She came to us from Poland and will be having her first litter for us in early April 2021.

Avi has an incredible pedigree, which includes some of the best cats from the world-renowned cattery 'Silverstorm Bengals'.  Her sire is 'Silverstorm Barnaby' and her Grandfather is 'RW SGC (Supreme Grand Champion) Silverstorm The Maharajahs cat'.

  She also has titled great-grandparents; 'QGC (Quadruple Grand Champion) Silverstorm Raindance', 'CH (Champion) Hallmark Silverdream Machine'

Avi has a beautifully regal, big cat presence about her. She is heavily boned with a powerful, muscular body and gorgeous clear rosettes painted on a tight, silky glass like pelt, she is the most highly glittered Bengal Queen we have had so far!


She has a lovely head and profile, with small, rounded, well placed ears, large nocturnal eyes and a strong, deep chin. She has a beautiful big-cat quality to her tail placement and carriage, with her body and tail held low to the ground and that 'leopard-like' shoulder shuffle when she walks.