Waiting List - pet kittens only.


​*Please note: we reserve the right to hold back up to 25% of our kittens for our breeding program/other breeders that may be waiting for kittens for their breeding programmes.

**In the event of a former client's kitten becoming ill or deceased, we reserve the right to provide a replacement kitten to that person ahead of those names appearing on the current waiting list.

***We cannot predict the speed at which you will move up on the waiting list as it is completely dependent on the number of litters expected and the number of live kittens successfully delivered in those litters.

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Upcoming Litters

Last updated  May 5th, 2021

Below you will find our pet waiting list (our Breeder Waiting List is kept separately). 

Names are displayed by first and last initial and are prioritised by date and time of deposit. ​

The waiting list includes inactive (non-responsive wait listers) as well as those who have been waiting a very long time and by-passing litters for reasons such as circumstances, financial restrictions, etc.

Everyone appearing on this list has paid the £100 Waiting List Deposit, filled in our Kitten Questionnaire and Waiting List Deposit Agreement and receives our Waiting List emails. 

Once they have been offered and have accepted a kitten from a litter, their name will be removed immediately.

The purpose of disclosing the information on this list is to allow you to understand how many people are ahead of you and what sort of kitten(s) they are waiting for, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to join the waiting list or not. 

You should also keep an eye on our Upcoming Litters page in conjunction with this list, so that you can have an idea of what colour kittens could be coming up and how quickly the list might move. 

 Please note that we offer replacement kittens occasionally to families who may have lost their cat for various reasons, including death or illness. Replacement kittens take priority over regular waiting list spots and will be moved to the top place on the list.

**We contact each person in the order that they appear, regardless of stated preferences, just in case they may have changed their mind while waiting.


  1. AC - 04/20 - Possible light Bnow kitten, gender not important.
  2. HC - 04/20 - Blue snow, female preferred.
  3. NC - 07/20 - Silver female.
  4. A.MC - 24/04/21 - Silver/Charcoal female.